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        The celebrated development expert Fr.James Thombour made a pioneering attempt in the fifties to organize the palmyrah tappers into cooperative society in 1954. Subsequently, he concentrated on agriculture, irrigation, cottage industries and fisheries development. But in no way, his approach could alter the economic condition of the people. He felt, therefore, the need of an organization which could facilitate human development. As a result, he founded Kottar Social Service Society in1963 with the intention of helping the poor to organize themselves into sangams for the ultimate achievement of social and economic development. Kottar Social Service Society was registered in 1963 under Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 and reregistered under Tamilnadu Society Registration Act of 1975. Thus, Kottar Social Service Society(KSSS) has been working in the development arena since 1963, providing special attention to integrated development of the poor and the marginalized in Kanyakumari district. The philosophy of cooperatives has been the striving force behind the formation of marginal farmers, fishermen and the most vulnerable into community based organizations. KSSS has been working among different sections of the society beyond caste and creed with clearly defined vision and mission, followed specific objectives. The vision of the organization is “ to build eqalitarian society that fosters freedom, fellowship and justice”. The essence of the vision statement is translated into an unequivocal mission as “assisting the marginalized sectors to attain human dignity and self reliance through a process of empowerment.